Colour solutions

Katom offers smart, simplified and service-oriented colour solutions to complex production problems. Our range of products and services goes from technical advice right up to customized solutions to production challenges. We offer various products in liquid, powder, paste and granulated form and over and above our traded product range, Katom is committed to following through and assisting in the process of solving colour formulation and any technical issues.

We offer colour solutions to

The chemical industry

The plastic industry

The construction industry

The coating industry

Other industries:
depending on product compatibility

Katom supplies diverse colorant technologies to work with various raw materials (i.e. plastics, artificial marble, paint, etc.). All our products are controlled for rheology, strength, shade and stability, for ultimate reproducibility in any medium. We provide a complete service and support the integration, definition and implementation of its products.

Katom offers Smart, Simplified & Service-oriented colour solutions for plastic, paint and artificial marble industries:

  • Smart: understanding the raw material, the production process, the paste and powder.
  • Simplified: determining the optimal solution, allowing faster production with less scrape.
  • Service-oriented: focusing on high-quality service for: laboratories, production lines and purchasing departments.

As a specialist importer, Katom provides its customers with wide-ranging products, alongside comprehensive technical consultation for applications. In addition to our products, we recommend lines of compatible machinery (such as dosing and drying technology) to make the process more efficient and improve the final product.