Fliquid © - Liquid Colouring for Plastics

Katom is proud to present Fliquid©, a bio-based dispersion of pigments or dyes. Fliquid© is a highly compatible dispersion of pigments or dyes in specialised liquid vehicles. Fliquid© is characterised by high pigment concentration, allowing lower let-down ratios thus reducing costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly universal system: applicable for different processing methods (extrusion and injection) with solid or liquid polymers,
  • Accuracy: very precise dosing units and supporting systems for low consumption and precise colour,
  • A swift response to market changes: allowing quick colour changes and versatility of applications,
  • Sustainability: bio-based, polymer free material. Lower transport costs and no scrap results in lower impact,
  • Cost-effective due to high colouring strength: low production costs with excellent dispersion in low doses (typically 0.5 to 0.8% for opaque shades and 0.05 to 0.1% for transparent shades),
  • Reduction in operating costs: a closed-loop system with no spilled colorant, no product wastage and no cleaning costs for high operational efficiency,
  • Minimal capital investment: machinery purchasing costs are minimised, for a swift transition,

Fliquid © can be used in various plastic production methods (such as injection moulding, hot-runners, multi-cavity and extrusion) various polymers such as polyolefin, PET and acetal and various applications such as: packaging, houseware, and appliances.

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Fliquid © - add-ons and technical support

Fliquid© is not just a product, it is a full system containing Fliquid©, a liquid dosing machine and a piping system. Fliquid© brings a host of advantages to the production, by custom designing the colour, carriers and supplementary additives.

Add-on additives :

  • Fliquid Color: all shades and hues by demand,
  • Fliquid Trans: perfect solution for transparent products,
  • Fliquid UV: protecting the polymer itself from degradation,
  • Fliquid AO: Anti-Oxidant pack for different applications,
  • Fliquid Cool: IR Reflective pigments "be dark - keep cool",
  • Fliquid NUC: nucleating agent for PP & PE, dramatic reduction of cooling cycle,
  • Fliquid MAG: magnetic additive to ensure plastic packaging parts will fall into magnet trap (not into the product).

FFS (Florma Fliquid System) takes the Fliquid© benefits to a new level with an easy to use, in-plant color matching, by integrating Fliquid© into a characterized database with standard and special colours, automated tinting machine (optional), controlled by a laboratory software.

Technical support offered:

  • Peristaltic pump: standard recommended system,
  • Mono pump: for single color,
  • Dynamic mixer: for high performance,
  • Static mixer: for solid MB,
  • Packaging: Bag in a box - (made in Germany) in different size 5-20 litre, rigid plastic pail - for fix canisters or upon demand.

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