Fliquid © - Liquid Colouring for Plastics

Fliquid © is a liquid colour concentration, a dispersion of pigments or dyes in specialised liquid vehicles, which are compatible with virtually all polymers. Liquid colour is characterised by high pigment and additive concentrations, which means dosing levels are typically very low.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly universal system: applicable for different processing methods (extrusion and injection) with solid or liquid polymers,
  • Accuracy: very precise dosing units and supporting systems for low consumption and precise colour,
  • A swift response to market changes: allowing quick colour changes and versatility of applications,
  • Environmental awareness: reusable drums, disposal practices and reduction in waste.
  • Cost-effective due to high colouring strength: low production costs with excellent dispersion in low doses (typically 0.5 to 0.8% for opaque shades and 0.05 to 0.1% for transparent shades),
  • Reduction in operating costs: a closed-loop system with no spilled colorant, no product wastage and no cleaning costs for high operational efficiency,
  • Minimal capital investment: machinery purchasing costs are minimised, for a swift transition,

Fliquid © can be used in various plastic production methods (such as injection moulding, hot-runners, multi-cavity and extrusion) various polymers such as polyolefin, PET and acetal and various applications such as: packaging, houseware, and appliances.

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Fliquid © - add-ons and technical support

Florma celebrates 80 years of experience in the color industry. Fliquid celebrates 18 years of production with excellent compatibility to 99.99% of the polymers and with vast success in different production methods.

Add-on additives :

  • Fliquid Color: all shades and hues by demand,
  • Fliquid Trans: perfect solution for transparent products,
  • Fliquid UV: protecting the polymer itself from degradation,
  • Fliquid AO: Anti-Oxidant pack for different applications,
  • Fliquid Cool: IR Reflective pigments "be dark - keep cool",
  • Fliquid NUC: nucleating agent for PP & PE, dramatic reduction of cooling cycle,
  • Fliquid MAG: magnetic additive to ensure plastic packaging parts will fall into magnet trap (not into the product).

We have developed a tinting system of our liquid colouring for plastics – Fliquid©. Our system is called: FSS Florma Fliquid System offering in-house colouring solution.

Technical support offered:

  • Peristaltic pump: standard recommended system,
  • Mono pump: for single color,
  • Dynamic mixer: for high performance,
  • Static mixer: for solid MB,
  • Packaging: Bag in a box - (made in Germany) in different size 5-20 litre, rigid plastic pail - for fix canisters or upon demand.

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